Display Interactive’s COO interviewed for Inflight Media

Aegean Airlines launches customer-centric wireless IFE & connectivity service with Display Interactive
September 6, 2023

Display Interactive’s COO was interviewed by Elena Lodge for Inflight Media, along with Panasonic’s Andy Masson and SPI’s Ben Asmar, and discussed how our UGO PAX and UGO 360 solutions were rooted in the major trends of the IFEC market.

“Thierry Carmes, Display Interactive’s Chief Operating Officer, calls the combination of IFE and connectivity a natural step for IFEC.

“Connectivity services are delivered to passengers’ PEDs,” he says. “So it is a natural convergence of IFE and internet, and both services cross-fertilise. “A portal is attractive thanks to well-designed IFE features and this creates a funnel towards ancillaries – including connectivity.” This cross-fertilisation allows for a seamless, more personalised experience.”

You can read the full article on the publisher’s site by clicking on the cover image.