Leveraging connected inflight services

Display Interactive is a French company with 15+ years of experience, born in the digital world. We are entirely dedicated to the aerospace industry and proudly serve airlines and operators around the world.

Our values

We are passionate about our jobs. We believe our solutions make a lot of sense in today’s world, and can have an impact. We are genuinely transparent. We respect our customers, partners, and vendors. We are craving for business and technical  innovations. We encourage diversity and inclusion. We like long-term relationships. We are fast and agile. We pay attention to details. We move forward, and then further. We think ethics are important in business.

10 years ago, we decided to bring the digital world inside aircraft. Space is our new frontier.

Display Interactive is a French company with 15+ years of experience, coming from the digital world. We used to work with large consumer brands to fuel their customer experience with the latest technology innovations, delivering new services and applications or creating disruptive PoCs for their R&D centres.

Leveraging our long-standing relationship with these blue chip companies and French airlines, we refocused our company on the aero market in 2013 and launched the first version of our UGO wireless solution at AIX 2014. At that time, the digital world had not entered aircraft cabin nor IFE platforms.

Our best-in-class wireless IFE has evolved much since that time, and it gave birth to two solutions – UGO 360 for connected fleet and UGO PAX for non-connected aircraft. 

Thanks to our customers’ feedbacks and thousands of hours of operations in multiple business environments, we have enhanced it while preserving its unique software design and Cloud architecture.

Our software is entirely developed in-house, under the strict control of our CTO and our lead developers – and goes through an incredibly tight acceptance process, including cyber-security checks and pen tests.

Apart from our software solutions, we have also maintained our business mindset (we believe that cooperation is essential to deliver successfully) and consolidated our business ecosystem in all fields related to IFEC – from Content Service Providers to MROs, from Aircraft Manufacturers to Inflight Connectivity Providers. 

Now that the digital cabin is more and more a reality, and our solutions have been recognized by industry leaders, connectivity is our new frontier. 

This is a real thrill for all of us at Display Interactive, and this is why we keep aiming for the stars: the sky is already digital, and new constellations are our playground.

Governance & strategic partnerships

Our company is still managed and operated by its co-founders, and has enjoyed in the past years the full support of a small and stable group of shareholders. In Q1 2020, after years of collaboration, we welcomed Eclipse Global Connectivity, as a strategic partner, and our first industrial shareholder.

This brought immediate benefits for our respective customers: higher quality standards, shorter schedules, reduced budgets, less complexity.

Eclipse Technics teams are now fully integrated in all our program work, and bring their huge experience to our customers’ service: from aircraft surveys to STC and installation support, there is a unique point of contact for any IFEC program, with first-class skills supporting airline’s engineering teams and/or preferred MRO. And they know a lot about connectivity!

Eclipse is co-founder of IAMA, which has defined and encourages the highest standards of quality for engineering and certification work on retrofit programs.

Why working with us?


We have delivered certified solutions in less than 3 months.


We commit on high-end SLAs for our end-to-end solutions.


Our solutions will adjust to you, not the opposite.


Our motto is to give you the best bang to the buck!

Our credentials

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We are keen to maintain strict confidentiality about our customers and their programs.
While we do not share case studies or other information, we shall be happy to organize direct contact for credentials.

Feel like growing with us?

Our team is young, agile, skilled, creative and determined to bring innovations to our industry for the coming years.
If this appeals to you as an experienced professional, please get in touch to check positions opened in our Montrouge (Paris) headquarters.
You may also share your resume with a short application letter at contact@display.aero